You’ve invested a lot in your Salesforce solution and want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. We can help.

Your Salesforce system needs a regular check-up in order to avoid security issues and performance problems. The Syntegrico Health check was designed to make sure your Salesforce solution is running at optimum efficiency. Salesforce Audit provides a thorough analysis of your current Salesforce system.

What is a Health check?

Health check provides a thorough analysis of your Salesforce system.

What is the sphere of investigation?

In case you need to revise particular parts of your Salesforce ecosystem you may turn to the specific reports from the System Health Check or Cloud checks.

Why would I need a Health check?

  • You have doubts about your current Salesforce usage capacity
  • You need to evaluate your system for annual reporting
  • You need to check the quality of work of an internal or external team
  • You need to check the current system before new integration
  • You notice your system has become slower
  • You have concerns about security issues
  • You’re planning to on-board a new Business Division and need to scale your current solution

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How does Salesforce CRM Health check work?

  • 1Stage
    • Analysis of the system’s business requirements
    • Investigation of data model and class structure
    • Investigation of the desired separation of data access
    Result: deep understanding of the application processes and business rules
  • 2Stage
    • Application architecture and code audit for compliance with Salesforce standards
    • Defining whether the set of user licenses correspond to the system functionality
    • Identifying potential limitation risks and means of optimizing limitations
    • Identifying defects of data access separation
    • Analysis and automatic Security Check
    • System optimization analysis in the context of the latest version of
    Result: defining architecture errors, security vulnerabilities and potential limitation risks
  • 3Stage
    • Security optimization plan
    • Performance optimization plan
    • Reliability optimization plan
    Result: plan for system architecture optimization

What will you get with Salesforce Audit?

Detailed Reporting

  • Improve process effectiveness and efficiency
  • Reduce IT costs
  • Increase Salesforce usage
  • Improve time to deliver business requirements


  • Detailed plan of necessary activities to address improvement opportunities
  • Strategic guide outlining how to optimize Salesforce
  • Next steps and actions

Best Practices

  • Comparison of your organization’s performance against similar companies for benchmarking